1. Cleaning scope
Q: Also I am installing a larger pool, approx 1,000 sq Ft with sun shelf/stairs. Is the BLWL able to clean that size pool effectively.
A: BLWL supports up to 1614 square feet and has an excellent performance on cleaning stairs, walls, and corners. Please check the videos and gif pictures on the main page for more details.

2. Waterproof
Q: How about its waterproof rating?
A: BLWL adopts IP68 which is safe and durable.

3. Cleaning type
Q: What is the cleaning coverage? (Can it clean the corners of my pool well? )
A:BLWL can clean the floor, stairs, walls, waterline, and corner of the pool.

4. Working hours
Q: How long is the working time
A: It can choose between 2 hours and 5 hours of scheduled cleaning. Generally, a swimming pool that has not been cleaned for a long time can be cleaned regularly for 5 hours. Use once a week for a 2-hour regular cleaning. But the advantage of a wired cleaning robot is that it can be cleaned all the time, and the working time of the machine is up to you. It doesn’t require charging. The effect of adsorbing garbage impurities is also better than that of wireless cleaning robots.

5. Rolling brush function
Q: What is the use of the long brush?
A: Long brush for better cleaning of algae.

6. Wired or wireless
Q: What is the product type?
A: BLWL XT0010 comes with a corded model to avoid any cleaning interruptions caused by battery shortage and low suction power to ensure the ultimate cleaning results. Spend more time swimming and less time cleaning!

7. Cleaning efficiency
Q: How quickly is the pool cleaned?
A: The pool cleaning speed is 65.7ft/min(20m/min).

8. Suction
Q: What is the suction rate?
A: BLWL is equipped with a 4,756 ultra-large suction power.

9. Swimming pool temperature range supported by robot
Q: What are the minimum and maximum swimming pool temperatures supported by the machine?
A: 5~35℃

10. Filter box size
Q: How large are the filter baskets?
A: BLWL has a total of 2L double filter boxes.

11. Robot weight
Q: What is the weight of BLWL?
A: The weight of BLWL is 36.38bs(16.5kg).

12. Supported chemical reagents
Q: What is the supported chemical agent?
A: Naitddy supports chlorine chemical tablets.

13. Obstacle surmounting ability
Q: What is the obstacle-crossing ability of the Natiddy?
A: Manual adjustment is no longer required with the innovative water posture correction system. Natiddy automatically adjusts to the correct position and prevents the pool cleaner from getting stuck in the main drains.