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All of our products cover manufacturing defects or material defects enjoy a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. Any warranty claim should be accompanied by a purchase voucher showing the date of purchase. Therefore, we recommend that you take good care of your invoice. Limited repairs or replacements will be provided during the warranty period, and the warranty does not cover damage caused by freezing and chemicals. Any other expenses (transportation, labor, etc.) are excluded from the warranty period. We cannot bear any direct or indirect loss due to the improper installation. During the warranty period, due to improper operation, improper connection of the product or damage caused by the failure to use original accessories to request repair and replacement of items, please consult the supplier.

These wearing parts are not covered by the warranty.

The wearing parts are:   

BLWL pool robotic cleaner warranty parts

       2. Wheel brush                 4. Drive belt                    5. Filter box     

Parts breakdown and replaceable Parts 

BLWL pool robotic cleaner replaceable parts 

  1. Controllerbox       
  2. Wheel brush     
  3. Main body           
  4. Drive belt          
  5. Filter box